Who are we?

Fierce Athletics and Training is a cheerleading institution that inspires greatness through acrobatics and cheer.  We focus on building better people, better athletes, and better cheerleaders.



Great gym with a great coach that is committed to the success of the girls. The tumbling instruction is top notch and the coach is very experienced in teaching safe stunting technique.

— Adriana H.
Doing Great things for my daughter.  Really focuses on technique.

— Vaughn S.
Love how much quality work they get out of the girls!! No sitting around watching.
— Misty B.
All 3 of my daughters love this gym! They have created such an amazing bond with all their cheer sisters and coach! Thank you!
— Ashleigh J.

With team training over the summer, team bonding events, holiday parties, and charity events; your child is not just joining a team, but they are joining a Fierce FAMILY.  When children feel a part of a group they can often be influenced by the group, which is why Fierce Athletics and Training prides itself on being role models!

Our athletes are trained in cheer, dance, tumbling and stunting, and they are pushed to excel.  Your child will develop in so many different areas and gain a very strong work ethic.


Fierce athletics and training is a newly established cheerleading institution. We offer multiple classes catered to different age groups starting at any level. Whether you have never cheered or are looking to brush up skills for a tryout, we have the perfect class! Our mission is to not just make you a better cheerleader, but a leader poised and ready to take on the world


About the family


Tina Butts – Coach

Tina Butts cheered for 3 years in high school and 4 years at Kansas Wesleyan on the competitive cheer team where, she competed as a base, a flyer and gained her tumbling skills up to and including her running layout. She's been associated with Fierce Athletics for 4 years. She is excited to start coaching you as a way to show her love for cheer and to teach in a different setting.



This will be Kaysi’s fourth year cheering.  She has been at Fierce for a little over a year now.  Her favorite pare about cheer is probably the tumbling because as an athlete you get to show off what you have worked so hard for.


Lorenzo Araujo

Lorenzo Araujo started his cheer career at Bethany College, his sophomore year. At Bethany College he participated in Cheer for the Basketball season. It was at Bethany College that Coach Zo discovered the uniqueness of the sport and the relevance that being a part of a successful team plays in the self-development of a person. Coach Zo’s proudest moment while attending Bethany was when him and his team won the 2010 COA National Championship. 

It was at this point that he decided that he wasn’t done with the sport and decided to get pursue his Master’s Degree at Kansas Wesleyan University. At Kansas Wesleyan he met his Mentor Dave Almeida that introduce Lorenzo to All-Star Cheerleading and the subtle differences between College Cheer and All-Star Cheer. 

Coach Zo began his coaching career at the Salina YMCA as a spotter for the upper level gymnasts. From there Lorenzo worked his way up to a tumbling coach, and finally promoted to the Gymnastics Coach for the Upper Level Team. Concurrently, he also started coaching the tumbling class at the Ottawa Dance Company.

That small tumbling class transformed into Cheer Fire All-Stars. Cheer Fire started in Minneapolis, Ks with a team of 8 athletes. Moving to Salina in 2013, Cheer Fire grew and expanded. In December 2014, Coach Zo took over as the owner of Cheer Fire and finished the season competing at a high level. In May of 2015 the gym was re-branded into Fierce Athletics and Training.

“I love having the ability to positively affect lives and help athletes see their full potential.” –Coach Zo




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