Tumbling classes

Intro to tumbling

Interested in having your child learns how to tumble?  Has your child never tumbled before? No problem, come check out our intro to tumbling class that will get your child started on the path to tumbling success!  The intro to tumbling class is 30 minutes long for athlete’s ages 4-8 years old.


Skill specific

Our tumbling classes are expertly crafted to maximize an athlete’s ability to learn and keep new skills.  Starting from the fundamentals and building blocks of tumbling, athletes are taken through step-by-step instruction on mastering various tumbling skills.  all of our tumbling classes are 1 hour long.  Tumbling classes are for athlete’s ages 7-18 years old. 



Cheer Programs

Exhibition cheer

Exhibition Cheer is perfect for anyone who would like to learn about cheerleading.  Athletes get to spend time doing cheerleading in a fun manner.   We use games and drills to demonstrate and introduce different cheer skills to our athletes.  With exhibition cheer there is no pressure to be at a certain number of practices or performances, pick the times that work for you and your family and have a blast in the process.


All-star cheer

The All Star Program is our competitive program. Teams practice twice a week. Teams compete at 6 – 7 competitions throughout the season with some teams traveling out of the State. There is a uniform required.



The Oracles is our special needs team here Fierce Athletics and Training.  Athletes get to bond, be active, and be on a team while being understood and cared for.