Meet the Team - Hardest Things About Freshman Year

Transitioning to High School has definitely had its ups and downs. Learning about the ropes and changes to High School has definitely been a change. Today we are going to explore the 5 hardest things about MY Freshman Year.

The top 5 hardest things about freshman year are: my schedule, Spanish Class, Science Class, Finals, and Teachers. The reason why my schedule is so difficult is because, I am not used to balancing my schedule. When I am including chores, babysitting, homework, and cheer practice; things get a little confusing and keeping everything straight can be a struggle.

Spanish Class is difficult because I already speak viatnamese and so trying to put together words from English to Spanish and Viatnamese to Spanish makes it so that for every word I am learning, I am also subconsciously making viatnamese connections as well. That makes things difficult, so when I’m taking tests, I struggle a bit.

I am getting a little nervous about Finals, mainly because I am not sure what to expect. Finals are so much of my final grades and like I said earlier I don’t always do well on tests. Every class has it’s own individual final, which leaves room for tons tests to struggle with.

My science class is also a struggle for me because I am not good at science and don’t understand the lessons. Lastly the teachers are making my freshman year than it needs to be because some of the ways my teachers are teaching is harder for me to understand the lesson better.

Thanks again for joining me on my adventures and as always, Live Fierce!

Nini N. IG: Nini.nguyen03