Meet the Team: Alora - Hardest Things About Junior Year

Hey Everyone, it’s Alora and today we will be talking about the hardest things about my Junior Year!

Work Load -

The work load in every single class is much larger than I ever expected. On top of that, shortened schedules this year has made everything you don’t finish in class homework. My junior year has consisted of more homework than my freshman and sophomore years combined, keep in mind it’s still first semester.

Time Management -

Between being involved in school, church, having a job, all-star cheer, and cheering at school; my time is limited. I have to sacrifice having a social life amongst other things for sleep and homework. At first I struggled with forgetting important due dates, test days, and keeping track of all my homework, but having a calendar has a really saved my life (and my grades). When something said is remotely important, it has become a habit to pull out my calendar and write it down. I then have to come up with a mental schedule for the week consisting of what I need to do by when and how much time I can spend on it. If remembering things is an issue for you writing them is highly recommended!

Staying Motivated-

Most of my friends complain about having to sit at home all day and my reaction is always the same. “ I wish I could do that” comes out of my mouth more times than i’d like. Most of the time, thinking about the amount of homework I have and what my week consists of makes me want to just give up. Knowing I am not able to hang out with my friends or go to all the soccer games is really hard. I wish I was a normal teen who got to be lazy sometimes and still have everything go smoothly. But for me I can’t lose focus of my future. God is my motivation and it’s because of him, I want to make this world a better place. To be able to actually help those in need is a goal I strive for. Though my mind is torn between experiencing high school to my best ability and striving for success right now, I have to keep in mind everything I currently do builds my character in the real world.

Thanks for reading my story, and as always… Live Fierce, Alora

Twitter: @Alora014