Get Fit Challenge

Want your child to be more active?

Want to find an activity they can do and stick with for a longer period of time?

Now is the time to try Fierce Athletics and Training’s

Get Fit Challenge, with the Get Fit Challenge there are no weights and no push-ups

The Get Fit Challenge focuses on simple movements and the help of a Spring Floor and a Trampoline.

So what is the Get Fit Challenge?

The Get Fit Challenge is 4 weeks, 3 hours a week, of motion and fun. We utilize our Spring Floor, Trampoline, and Custom Obstacle Courses to create an amazing environment to invite change. The Get Fit Challenge also features a Meal Plan to help jump start your new lifestyle!

Our Get Fit Challenge is open to all kids 6-17

Get Fit Sessions will be held Tuesday at 8p, Thursday at 8p, and Saturday at 10a!

Sign-up at our link right now and save 10% by putting in Promo Code Fit

Our first Get Fit Session starts June 26th 8pm don’t miss the opportunity to help your child build confidence and start a healthy lifestyle.

Fierce Get Fit Challenge Sign-up Form: